Saturday, April 22, 2017

1:27am before flying away

I have no idea
why I came
when every time
something hits me
I want to run.
I have no idea
why am I going
when every time
I leave
I miss everything
I had.

Mul ei ole aimugi
miks ma tulin,
kui iga tagasilöögi
ma tahan joosta.
Mul ei ole aimugi
miks ma lähen,
kui igal korral
ma igatsen kõike,
mille jätsin.

Give me a good reason why I should ever make a change... 

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

After 1:27pm

What comes after
is “after”
we talked about
in the beginning.
Yet when the
“after” arrives,
we have already
been talking about
Are we ever there?

Mis tuleb pärast
on “pärastine”,
millest me rääkisime
kõige alguses.
Ometi kui
“pärastine” jõuab,
me juba alustasime
uuest “pärastisest”.
Kas me oleme kunagi
üldse kohal? 

After 1:27pm sounds

Sunday, April 16, 2017


I've fallen in love with a stubborn heart. It planted it's seeds in the most fertile time and choose to rise even when it was too dark to see the path. It reminded me of what I am worth and reminded all the things I had forgotten. There are so many oceans I haven't swam naked in, so many spices I haven't tasted, so many stunning moments I haven't lived through. It's stubbornness said "no" when I wanted to bring myself down and screamed "yes" when I was learning to accept myself. Courage was injected in me by the most sincere laughter and the most sincere hands.
The stubborn heart wanted it. Wanted it all. And was always ready to live. It was me, who wasn't.