Monday, September 7, 2015

The simple kind of magic

I like when I have a lot to do. I really do. Because I've learned that I never wanna do something that's not good for me or what won't make a difference in my life... or at least someone else's life.

But I love to leave some room for magic.
To whatever might come next. To have those moment of blissful quietness. Or laughing way too hard while having a spontaneous trip in my neighbourhood. To those old friends I meet while walking home. To the moments I actually have time to stop and talk a bit. To find out how are they doing and give them a bit of my vibe. To the magic I get by talking a longer route to work and finding out beautiful hidden places in my hometown.

Life is the things I have on my calendar... And life is everything in between those appointments and responsibilities.
And the magic... it is everywhere.
In every check-list duty and in every people-watching break. In every person I meet and in every dream I have. In every broken piece I carry alone and in every heartbeat.
The magic is what I live for. Nothing more and nothing less.
The simple kind of magic.

Less is more. 
Less is simply knowing what to do. 
Less is magic. 
If you dare to stay simple.