Sunday, May 31, 2015

Home is wherever I'm with...

Home is wherever I can be with myself.

The feeling of home shows its-self in a different forms and shapes.
It calms my shaking hands and overly spontaneous mind. It takes away my thoughts of being lost. It washes away the dirt on my feet when I've been out for too long. It nurses me with comfort but at the same time with strong wanderlust. It keeps away the wrong ones and opens doors for the right ones. It balances my in- and outside like white Tara.
Home can be a place or a feeling or a person or the song you really love. It can be the book you often read but never finish. It can be the laughter and the tears of joy when you are with the ones you love. The hugs from the little ones. Home can be the conversations about future that doesn't exist or the talks about your favourite foods, movies and nonsense. It's the quietness that feels so good and so relaxing. The quietness that makes you feel like every little thing is going to be just fine.
Home gives you the feeling that there's more to love than just what you see. It makes you realise that there's more to life. More to life than standards, systems and "the right moves." Makes you feel that what you know is enough. More than enough. There's more to life than your grades wether they are A's or B's or C's or you need to pass the exams again. There's more to life than statuses that things put on you, than broken promises or faded relationships. There's always more.
The feeling of home shows that not just there's more to life. But also... there's more to love.
Home loves you. And makes you love yourself.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

It's your choice

Take a second to realise that there's more to life than standards, "things you suppose to do", "the right moves" and systems. 

My best friend tends to always say: "Hey, it's your choice." Or if communication with someone or a situation goes wrong: "Hey, it's their/her/his choice."
And at first I laughed. About the way she always said it. She made it feel so effortless. She made it seem so simple and at the same time so right.
And then I serious'd. Because I realised that she had been right all along. Not that I ever feel to doubt her.
I guess it really is so simple. So darn simple and clear. There's nothing you can do about some situations if it's not your decision. But at the same time you can always choose if the decision is your call to make.

Hey, it's your choice.
You can throw away this knowledge and keep up the old way.
Or actually realise that everything is a choice.
You just need to make up your mind.
Pick the things you want.
Or the people you want in life. Or in love.
Your choice and attraction.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Kevad jõudis linna

Ma ootan puhastustuld,
et see põletaks vihma.
Nii suurt ja nii tugevat,
et see põletaks vihma.

Ma ootasin puhastuld,
kuid sain valguse.
Ja see valgus peatas kõik,
seisatas ja vaatas.
Nii vaikselt

Monday, May 4, 2015


Life should not only be lived, it should be celebrated. 

I bet we all have some illusion of ourselves in our heads. What we think we are, what we wish to be and how we wish to live. We are working towards of being ourselves but not recognising that while we're working - we're actually becoming ourselves. We already do the things we want, say what we want and think what seems right to us. Or if you don't, then start doing it. But still we think we need to construct ourselves, search, seek and build our minds. When in fact we are already there. 
The illusion of how we should be is blinding us from how we are. 
All the searching needs to be stopped for a while and we need to see that maybe we already reached our destination. Be glad if you already arrived. And find new challenges after that. 
What I discovered during my birthday weekend... I am at that point in my life where people are seeing me as I am. Honestly, fully, individually. And it is worth celebrating. 

Accept yourself first. Then others will just have to follow.