Tuesday, October 31, 2017

1:27pm and autumn light

Now it's time to build some bridges
between yourself and the things you love.
And with the people you love
and with the places you miss
and with the moments you want to relive.

Now it's time to build some bridges
between yourself and your pretty thoughts.

Friday, October 27, 2017

I promise you

I promise you, my dear, that life will connect the dots. It might be so confusing now, but soon it will untie the knots. 
Right now you're only seeing a small fraction of where you could be, but soon you will see the bigger picture in everything, and in me. 
You won't believe your eyes how you meet the ones you need, they will all be here, don't let yourself mislead. 
You stand there and realise you're not unloved and alone, you are warmer than you think and massively grown - 
into a person you wished to be and now you are here, by letting life surprise you, good things will never disappear. 

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Current truth at 1:27pm and am

Ma tahaksin jäädvustada
igat tunnet.
Aga miski pole parem
kui selle
praegune tõesus.

I wish I could capture
every feeling.
But nothing
is better than
the current truth.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Long story short

Long story short.
I remember the time when it was so dark. And not the just-put-on-some-lights dark, but more like there's-no-way-I-will-find-the-switch kind of dark. The questions went around where am I, should I be where I am and will the light be off from now on. Questioning if I was buried or planted?
Long story short.
I thought I was buried, but I was definitely planted.
Now I know for sure.

Long story short.
Blooming in the middle of autumn.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Très bien. Väga.

Ma ei karda enam külma,
sest sees on nii soe.
Mitte tuline,
aga soe.
Ning see on talve tulekuks
täiesti piisav.
Très bien.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Counting leaves at 1:27pm

Ta ootas esimest korda hommikuni,
et end koguda ja vastata. 
Ta ootas lõunani,
et aru saada. 
Ta ootas õhtuni,
et end selgelt väljendada.
Ning ööni,
et taibata -
õiged otsused olid juba tehtud. 

She waited first time until morning came
to collect herself and answer. 
She waited until noon
to undersand.
She waited until evening,
to express herself clearly. 
And till night
to realise -
all the right decisions were now already done. 

Autumn has almost never
brought so much
But it has now.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

127 minutes to peace

I feel like I can't write.
I found peace in me
and in everything I believe in
or learned to believe.
I dropped the dust
off my shoulders
and walked far,
far enough to see
some things are just not worth
my time
my peace.

Ma tunnen, et ma ei saa kirjutada.
Ma leidsin rahu endas
ja kõiges, mida usun
või kõiges, mida õppisin uskuma.
Ma lükkasin maha
tolmu oma õlgadelt
ja kõndisin kaugele,
nii kaugele, et näha
kuidas mõned asjad
lihtsalt ei ole väärt
mu aega
mu rahu.