Sunday, December 30, 2012

Fix a heart

Thanks to letting life in charge I met the most complicated yet the most positive and wonderful human being. 

He's too good and young to be this sad. And I can see when he's not smiling, he's dying inside. 

I simply laid there with a small smile on my face.
I didn't want to think about his fucked up heart, my never-ending troubles with my future and even more - what happens tomorrow. I didn't care about what he thinks, what others think or especially what I think of myself. I know that it's never going to be something, but in my eyes it was something - something fun for awhile, careless for a while, fearless for awhile. I don't see myself there maybe ever again, but in that moment I was in place. I know that I can't fix his heart, his past or maybe even his future. Yet I simply hope that in that moment he wasn't thinking about it. About the things that broke and break him. Because I know - I wasn't. And for what I know now - other people don't hurt us. We hurt ourselves by not letting go, by caring too much or by getting our hopes up.

And for that brief moment I let myself to be happy again - in that moment I was finally fearless. 

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