Monday, December 30, 2013

Two days 'til 2014

Soon it's time for the hopeless to start hoping again.  To start your reborn. If reborn is not the quickest  and easiest way at the moment, then at least start taking steps towards it again. To start trusting life. Trusting your thoughts. Trusting your ability to climb. Higher. Farther. Deeper.
To not take "no" for an answer but respect your own inner "no", if you simply feel like your boundaries have been pushed. Also... say yes. Yes to every opportunity that you feel that will make you richer. Richer in many ways. Happier. Wiser. Smarter.
Make a list. Put down on every little thing you want to accomplish now, next year and simply… start doing it. If not the next day - then the exact same moment. Today. Now. 
Create your happiness. And travel. Not only physically. Also mentally. 
Only you know what you want. Trust your guts. 

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