Monday, May 5, 2014

Take your guitar

and do what you have to do

I know what you're scared of,
I used to feel it too.
You're not scared of climbing mountains,
you're scared that you can't make them move...

Some people will drown you with their vibe. 
But don't you worry. Others will make you feel pretty. Will take crazy risks with you. They will laugh with you and offer you a shoulder to lean on, when you're tired. They will know every single thing about you, yet you will still somehow surprise them in a good way. Their vibe will make you motivated. Their vibe will make you climb mountains and chase your dreams in the dark. But most of all - they have the vibes that will bring the happiness and adventures to your everyday life. 
Those people will lift you up under the surface. 
Their vibe is the vibe you really need. 

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