Wednesday, June 18, 2014

She changes the weather

Maybe there's a huge difference of how I see the world. Difference how you see it. And how the world sees me and you. Even bigger difference how the world sees us.
It might be true that I see the world more amazingly than it is. And for the world I might be a small change. Or maybe even not a change. But as I see the world... the world has more secrets than any of us. The world will lead your way, even if you are the small part of it. I see it as I feel it. I describe it as I taste, hear or understand it. It might give me bipolar feelings. Some days might taste better than others. I probably will hear one thing even if it scream the other. More or less - I understand it as an adventure. The world is our adventure. Everything on it, in it and around it is a part of our adventure. 
I hope that the world accepts me. I think it does.
But even more I hope that the world accepts us. How we manage to take our time together to sit, talk and wait. The world is with us. It sits, talks and waits for us all the time. 
You might not know my secrets but the world does. It sees how I enjoy this adventure with you. 

We sit there, our eyes locked on one another, for several seconds. I know in my heart we’re both thinking the same thing.

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