Wednesday, June 8, 2016

And we keep living...

The moment I kept on walking was the moment I already knew I wanted to turn back. Even if I knew I was going back one day I was missing it already. Because on that moment my life was just that one day - new one was distant future and so my whole life was in on that day.

I realised that everything I wanted I had to make happen in that exact moment. No one will guarantee me that I can say tomorrow the things I'm holding in, that tomorrow will be the chance for me to go and do and be... Tomorrow is not here and all we have is today.
Our whole life with our past and wishful future is happening today.

Now it's a new day. Another day. Days have passed. And I haven't went back.
But since I'm wiser that I was yesterday... I'm going back today.
Can't miss another minute.
Going to move with the ones who teach me something new, move with the ones who will make me insanely happy, move with the ones who help me to become closer to breathing.
A year ago I wished I was in this moment I am today. It all worked out... and soon it will be even better.

Something is keeping us alive. And we keep living. Despite it all.

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