Saturday, August 6, 2016

“Welcome. Make yourself comfortable.”

Even if things happen unexpectedly I guess the good thing to do is see why. Even if we are not ready then maybe they are. Even if I don't know how it happened or do I deserve it... then I realise that I guess I've made some great choices somewhere along the way. Somewhere... doesn't matter what exactly.

I'm floating in the softest
softest of water,
head to toes
and realising
I can still swim.

I really don't need to know why - either why now or them or me or water. All I need to feel is the warmth embracing my body and my soul dancing in and with it. Look at me looking at the water. It's like I've never felt drought before, like I've never been thirsty, like I knew how to swim all along.
Like I waited to meet you yet everything happened so sudden.
Like I knew I was going to meet you yet never knew I could swim so well.

My toes touch the bottom but I promise I'm eager to negotiate.

Welcome, river.
Make yourself comfortable.
I'm... not ready, but me. All I could offer is me and the best swimming techniques I've learned.

// almost-a-person-through-my-eyes

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