Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Breakfast Club vol2

Reval Cafe / Müürivahe 14

Tuesday morning, catching up with THE Kardashian and making business.
It's our second time in Reval Cafe, having breakfast together and daydreaming about future. And now literally making our future.
She took the English breakfast which was supposedly good - good as an English breakfast can be.
I, on the other hand, took an oatmeal porridge again (now with strawberry jam). I can say that it was a bit better than Popular's one. The cafe latte was still divine. So again. I drank two.
After that we both had a bit sweet tooth craving - so we headed to the counter again. I decided to take a big chocolate cookie which was a good decision to eat while working.
Reval Cafe has this good kind of vibe inside. You can see fathers with daughters having a lovely breakfast, business going on, friends meeting, tourist who are enjoying the cosy old town corners and individuals, who just want to wake up in a dusky atmosphere.
The service is rather fast than slow. Nothing much to complain on.

So take some time - take your work or your daydreaming books and start this rainy day a bit better than usual.

Sneak peek for the upcoming project. 
Breakfast president. 

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