Friday, October 17, 2014

Take me on a trip

I'd like to go somewhere. 

In my point of view it's not a bad thing to be restless. It shows a need to grow as a person, be true to your mind and soul, develop and catch changes. Couldn't imagine living the same year 80 times. Life gives everyone, independently, an opportunities to live differently almost every single day. Nobody tells you that you have to work on the same job until you retire. Nobody tells you what you have to like and dislike; how you should look, feel or think. You have the real chance of living more than 80 different lives.
Your choice. If you feel good about living the one life, do it. If not... Then take my blessing and go be someone else. Every step is the right step. Simply take the step. Take it.
And let me know what happens.

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