Saturday, October 11, 2014

Rest and find your will

So as I wrote earlier... It's the season of coming back...
I came back and sat down with myself. Took a good cup of coffee, did people watching and controlled my breathing. Made a list in my head of the things I want to try out, I want to do and started thinking about how I would make them real.
It all came clear. I need time to rest, to be my own boss and to find the balance between what others see and how I see myself.

Decided to took a Saturday off, wandered around beautiful Kadriorg, went to KUMU and Kadrioru kunstimuuseum, did loads of (also window)shopping and had a laugh in the cosy autumn.
If you have time, please visit KUMU. The exhibition A Moveable Feast is just breathtaking.
And even if you don't, then still please find time to yourself. Time to be present.

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