Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas feelings

A year can change a lot. And nothing much. 
This time of the year is finally here again. I always start waiting the next one when the last one finishes. I start preparing for the new one way too early. I start smelling and feeling and singing out the happiness a month or two before. It's one hell of a good time of the year. Tears, wine, laughter, love and cold weather has a power of making the most exciting mixed drink of all. There's no Christmas without sadness. Or without laughter that even hurts your bones. There's no Christmas without family coming together, celebrating, arguing and making up the same time. Or friends coming together with alcohol to share and memories to make. There's no Christmas without realising how blessed and happy you are. No Christmas without winter. No Christmas without long-time-no-see friends. No Christmas without exciting news and endless movies. 

Christmas is always good. If you make it a good one. 
It's the same with life.
Trust me. 

I have an incredible skill to turn the bad into good. And make strangers think I'm doing amazingly. And make myself think I'm doing fantastic. 
And despite the fact that I think I'm doing good... I actually am. 
More than good.

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