Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Stay human

I learned to love those small things that we often forget.
I learned to love them in a new condition.


To have a morning coffee with mountain breeze while it messes up your ponytail. To be with your own thoughts, own your time and own your breaths. To look up to the sky and truly see the sky. To have time to collect your emotions and lose the ones you don't need. To become a part of the rain, the sun and feel the ground under you. To walk aimlessly but still stay determined. To know that life has its ups and down just like the landscape around you. To find the ones that are worth fighting for. To forget the ones that don't belong in your heart. To give yourself some time. To talk with body-language to locals. To find out their amazing and incredible souls. To find out that there are kind ones out there. We just need to learn to see them. 
Lean to stay human. 
Lear to love human.

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