Wednesday, January 7, 2015

My only wish for 2015

is that people would start to listen to each other more carefully. 

They claim that Dalai Lama once said: “When you talk you are repeating the things you already know. But when you listen you might learn something new.”

But what if you let yourself finally listen to… yourself?

I’ve been in between of doing what is right and doing what I think is right. But a long time I haven’t been to the point when I actually feel right.  
Why we talk so much? Why we listen too much someone else’s advise and not realize that the answers are in front of us?
Why we hold on to things we can’t control and let go the things we THINK we can’t control?

What if the first time I don’t talk or listen. I watch.
I actually watch myself to dance.
I see my body moving. I feel my body moving.
I see my eyes wandering. I see something behind the eyes. I see me. Bi-polar, passionate, often with bad humor and dramatically spontaneous self.
I see myself and others see me.
They see me better than I feel me. And why the heck I’m not seeing myself more often like this? Why can’t we see ourselves like others see us? And why do we let our advisors run our thoughts and our thoughts run our heart and body?

So I dance. To have the control. To own the control. And let it go at the same time; and have a laugh if I need to, if I want to.  
I’m doing it to count my blessings and have a blast, not to count my problems.
I’m here to travel. Not physically. I’m here to wander in me.
I’m here to laugh. I’m here to feel laughter, to hear laughter and see laughter.
And I hope my laughter teaches more than my words. 

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