Thursday, January 29, 2015

How will I know

that I'm doing the right thing?
Guess it doesn't matter.
As long as it makes me happy. 

The one thing to remember about an adventure is that if it turns out the way you expected it to, it has not been an adventure at all. 

A week full of good vibes, good people and lots of laughter. It was the week of realisation that 2015 should be there year when I'm going to love someone who deserves me. Me. 
Week of realisation that there's still so much to learn and do... and it's just the beauty of it all. Week full of friendly faces and flirty looks. 
But that's how it suppose to be. Friendly. We are all dancers. Working on those same things. We need to get inspired by others, see their passion as we see our own. Because we are the same. No matter what you say - in that book, in dance life book - we are the same. You can't say that the one who practises more has more passion. Or love. Or happiness in in. You can't say that the one who always smiles or cries after every emotional choreography is feeling the dance more. No. We are not the ones who can judge each others minds, hearts and souls. We dance. When we want to dance. When we feel like it. It's our passion. Nobody has the right to identify your passion. 
Dance. If you want to. Dance it all out and in and over. And stop and stare others if you want to. THAT is the beauty of it. Do both - 'cause that's when you really grow into it. By loving every step of dance and life.

It doesn't matter if you dance now. Or if you only dance in parties when you're drunk. It doesn't matter if you have lessons every day.
You know you are a dancer. You know it in your heart. And please learn to love it. 

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