Monday, February 2, 2015

You take time

You look at her face and you know it's real. She has been here. She has been out of here. She has been with you and without you, yet you know everything is better with her by your side.
You look at her face and you know what laughter means. She always laughs. Even through her tears. Yet her tears might be the tears of joy. That's the moment when you realise that you need to keep some things to yourself. Not to hurt her. At the same time you know she will understand if you need to tell the unpleasant truth. 
You look at her face and she can see the heart behind your eyes. It hasn't been always there. Good things take time and now she can see that you have good intentions. You are balanced. You both are balanced. Maybe you balance each other out, maybe not. But you know it's like meditating with your eyes open. 
You look at her face and get scared. You ramble. You start thinking with your cut, head, heart, eyes, maybe even liver. Your mind goes to realistic to unbelievable with just 5 seconds. You feel it's better to get scared than ruin the moment. But what moment? You can't even figure that out. Different questions pop into your head like lightning. And then you look again... See the smile. You relax. You know you're safe. By just looking at her. 
You look at her face and you like what you see. Despite... almost every little thing. But you realise that it doesn't matter. You still like it. With every weird way. 
You look at her face and you know you need to take time. 
You look at her face and you take the time. 

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