Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Burning bridges

Pay attention to the people who don't clap when you win. 

Don't ask why. Try not to focus on it. Don't question your abilities. Don't be sad or mad. Clap for them. 
Probably they feel like you don't deserve it. Probably they think that they might be better. Probably they find mistakes because they couldn't do it. Probably they are bitter. Or probably they didn't notice anything. Maybe they have their own thoughts messing up their minds.
But you, my darling - you clap for them. 
If they win. Or if they don't. 
You are the one who would never fall from the same level. You'll try get inspired if they do good. You'll get inspired if you do good. You'll clap. You'll cheer. You'll congratulate them later. Even if they don't accept it. Even if they don't accept your genuine feelings. You will still show them. Be true. 
But after all: pay attention to the people who don't clap when you win. 

Firstly because there may be something wrong with their inner heart. They might be overwhelmed with their own problems. Do care and try to figure out what is going on. Maybe you can help. Maybe you can make their toxic thoughts go away and they can feel again, see again and swim again. 
Secondly... pay attention. They may not value you as much as you value them. They might dislike your success, happiness or victories. Those are the toxic people who will want to see you being sad because they are sad. Who will only accept your happiness when they are a bit happier than you. Who will find mistakes in you, not in their actions. Who will try to mental dig ta hole into your brain and fill it up with doubts. They won't clap. And even if they once did... they never will again. It's not your loss. And maybe not even their loss. It's life. It's a bridge what has been burned already. 

Namaste the one who says you can't be happy without belonging somewhere. Namaste the one who can't stand your happiness. Namaste the one who can't see the difference between being happy and happiness (the difference between emotions and your spirit). Namaste the one who says you can't be happy without significant other. Namaste the one who throws shade at you to make him/her-self feel better. 
Namaste the one who's not happy alone. As a human being. 

But you send the one some good vibes. Those are the ones who need them the most.
Darling, please, burn those bridges down.