Sunday, February 8, 2015

Happiness vol-1

Stop looking for happiness in the same place you lost it. 

Read it over and over again. 
Make sure that you don't just see the words. You understand them.
Everything is worthless without a pinch of happiness.

So I have made some big decisions in my life. Some not so good. But most of them are the best ones ever. The present will help you make the right choices. Think about when you are 99 years old and you think back to the moment-of-now: which way the older you would want you to seek and go. Make yourself proud.
Make yourself proud of choosing y o u . The amount of time we spend on choosing others is too damn high. There is only one acceptable reason for choosing your close-ones... when their happiness is making you happy. Guess we all think that we can change situations, people and the way they react. Or I guess we don't think that but we sure deep down wish for it. This is the moment when you need to take a step back and look the situation from a distance.
Is it worth fighting for when you feel like you're the only one fighting to make this better? Is it worth your time when you know they are going to choose somebody else? Is it worth when everything you do is somehow wrong... yet you have the proof on paper that it's not? Is it worth your emotions when you need to collect your thoughts at your busiest hour and be ready for a battle of life? Is is worth your love when life is even becoming a battle now?
We are creating an illusion of love. When it once made us happy.... it should make us happy till the end of time. The illusion of lost happiness in love is too big to get us to think straight.
Happiness is a strong word full of tolerance and self-love. To be truly happy we need to tolerate each other decisions, ways of happiness and the sound of laugher. To be truly happy we need to love ourselves first and then spread it to others. It's actually easier than making cupcakes... But still we rather choose cupcakes than sitting with friends (or alone) and laughing our abs sore.
We wanna find happiness. But we wanna find it in our comfort zone. And fast. And with little effort. But trust me, if it's not clearly there anymore... it won't be there after hundreds of trials.

Stop looking for it.
Change your location. Re-start yourself. Change your daily routine or the way you dress.
Do whatever it takes to find yourself happy again.
But stop looking for it in the same place you lost it.
It's not there. And it probably flew away.
You should go. And. Catch it.

But just so you understand: it means getting out there, taking few quick steps, some wanders and pauses. It means challenging yourself.
Ether that. Or staying the way you are. (Which is also good. But you could ALWAYS be better)

this strange family made my friday extremely happy. and full of memories. 

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