Sunday, February 15, 2015

WeLoveDance in Helsinki

He said: You are the kind of person I read books about.
I said: Darling... I'm the kind of person who writes those books.

Always a step ahead.

First competition as a duo. Third place in our hands. All work is done and only a small bit of emptiness is left. But smiling and loving life like idiots.
Story about being high on life, letting go of poisonous vibes and conquering the present. Living in the moment and living for yourself and what ever makes you happy.

Be always a step ahead. Of yourself. If you ever feel trapped by your feelings, situations, people or the air is getting too thick - take a step away. Put on your favourite tune, grab your favourite coffee, make your favourite turns and get lost in the strange city. Take your time to stand and look at people. Realise that they are in the same place as you are - physically and mentally. All living the same life, only different people and time around us. Find a quick place where you can recover yourself. Place which will inspire you. And the people there will inspire you.

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