Sunday, March 13, 2016

Suddenly everything is in colour

I never thought I would see it this way.
Sometimes you meet someone and thought that you'd never like Tuesday afternoons, suddenly those are your favourite parts of the week. You thought that you had seen it all but then somebody shows up and all you can do is wonder how the heck you lived all this time with your eyes closed.
Being kind is even more beautiful, having a laugh is even more important.
Sometimes you meet someone and even though it's for a second... you know that there are good people out there. You realise it's not about being head over heels, it's about calmness - you've reached to the port of balance and grace. Sometimes you might fall in again, but you quickly recover your inner peace. It's the moment of realisation - there's so much more to see. And feel. And meet.

It's like you lived for the twilight but now... dawn is the only thing you wish for. To be more alive, to be more awake, to be more in love - with life.
To suddenly see everything in colour and light.

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