Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Travel MEGA-MIX '15

Only some tiny bits and pieces. 

Some years will give you the questions and the next ones will answer them.
The year 2015 was full of weird places, questionable situations and moments. It was the year of not documenting everything but questioning everything.
Now it's pretty clear that the questions needed to be out there... 'cause now, in 2016, the answers are slowly showing up - I am more showing up.

I wish I could just keep moving. Life will throw opportunities until I finally understand, grab them and run with them. My butt hurts of sitting on a chair. It would be different if it would be on an airplane... So let's change that.
My soul is already running. My body just needs to catch up with it.

Universe is giving us all the tools, people, moments and lessons. But it doesn't provide us time.
The time is now... if not now, then when? 

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