Tuesday, May 17, 2016

I accept

I have nothing to say.
Everything is real nice. 
Everything is real.
Everything is nice.
I tend to think, that it's not real, because it's so nice. But then I realise that it is real.
Life is full of surprises and I let myself to be surprised. 
Really surprising.
And it's real nice.

After a long time and after a long period of letting my leg rest and be still, it's time to start. 
1 / 30 days of yoga. Blissful, beautiful, a bit painful, but still rewarding. Connecting with me, being aware and healing the body. Literally healing the pain points in my leg and some in my back.
I discovered some hesitations, uncertainty in me and being guarded up. So yoga is not for the body at first - it's for the mind. Being as much present as I can, seeing and trying to figure out where are those feeling coming from and how can I make a better ending for the day.
It's not always pretty. People tend to think it is - but I guess it's the superficiality that comes from the social media. The fear of showing vulnerability, fear of giving the Universe bad thoughts and bad feelings, fear of being a human. Yet I'm here to tell that it's not always pretty. Simple part of being a human. Of course it doesn't mean bursting everything out, letting the emotions take the advantage of you... it's finding the balance of your thoughts, emotions, body and soul.
The journey of yoga.

Spring in my soul and on my skin.
Stay present. #selflove2016

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