Sunday, May 8, 2016

Screaming "22"

"For all those years you have protected the seed... It's time to become the beautiful flower."

Week full of surprises, unknown connections, quiet thoughts and getting older. No wonder it has been a hectic ride - all this craziness turned my temperature up and mood somewhere in the middle. An awkward year of being 21 is now "so last year" and I'm here, ready to continue the #selflove2016.

After this magical yet "what the heck is going on" week my mind is blank. No, not the "I'm not feeling anything anymore"-blank. But it feels like a conscious balance - everything that life chooses to challenge me with is done or going to be done and I'm not nervous at all. Alright, maybe just a little, but it's the excited-nervousness... Accepting what is done and knowing that whatever comes is just a darling, little, adventure.
(At least I'm really hoping it is.)

The wish for 22 is to laugh with the adventure but take the passion with for a ride.
I do not know where I am after 4 months... but it feels like I'm walking home. Either way, it's going to be a home for me. Either way the option is beyond amazing.

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