Sunday, July 17, 2016

I'm the 20-something

I'm the 20-something who genuinely thinks she could change the world. Or at least one world. Or one soul.
The 20-something who is trying her best to break out the system of society, standards, relationships and settling down - yet at the same time tries to understand what is needed to do to survive in this world. And at the same time accepts if she finds a good balance between those systems.
The 20-something who will walk off if she feels suffocated or treated badly.
The 20-something who gets that we need food, shelter and warmth to stay alive... but we need something more to (actually) be alive.

I'm the 20-something whose mom thought her to fight for this life - because we stand here only now and only for a short period of time. A very very short period of time.

I'm the 20-something who will try to share the best bits, but who never wants to leave out the emotion. Who is looking for the truth more than originality. Who is looking for laughter more than safety.
The 20-something who is learning to stay simple, positive and real. Focusing on the day ahead, accepting the falls and realising that it's all natural. Life is natural. Lying on the floor and feeling down is natural. Being in love is natural. Wishing to leave the county is natural. Leaving is natural.
The 20-something who will make decisions that will upset other people. But understands that we will all (have to) get over it.
The 20-something who realises we need to get over ourselves. Everyone. Why? Because humans care about each other but we don't actually c-a-r-e about each other in that way. (Wear those hippy pants or high heels or be bare foot or even wear all red if you want to - we actually don't care. I will root for you - you can laugh at me and I will root for you. Maybe I will laugh a little but nobody cares. Remember that!)
The 20-something who don't know what decision is good or bad. And who will soon realise that as long as you are alive and kind, there are no rights or wrongs.
The 20-something who is learning not to miss the sun when it's midnight and vice versa.

I'm the 20-something who will be extremely happy and extremely sad because she knows that's how she can feel life to the fullest - to create - to see - to feel. Who will not be stable as a rock because that's not living, that's existing.
The 20-something who starts her day with a coffee but ends it with a tea and even though she is trying to make healthier choices... life gets in the way. But she just rolls with it.
The 20-something who thinks way too much about existential problems and life and universe and spirits and people.
I'm the 20-something who is still scared to be the weird kid she was because she caged herself for so long. But I will inform you that she is learning and becoming closer every day. How? Thanks to people who she finds that let her be herself.
I'm the 20-something who finds a home but then realises home is wherever she is with herself - honest, breathing and dancing half-naked.
I'm the 20-something who is trying to give people some slack. And give herself some slack.

I'm the 20-something who understands that as long as we are alive... everything is possible. Starting with happiness and ending with Mount Everest.

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