Monday, July 18, 2016

I'm ready to feel

the power of change.

If you could meet yourself today what would you say? 
Would you compliment yourself, complement yourself or compete with yourself? 
Would you see all the things that I'm seeing or would you be so caught up by the things that don't define you? 
What would you say? 
Would you say you love yourself and want yourself to be you? 
Would you love yourself? 

I wish you would. 
Your mess, fears and doubts are making you fragile - and being fragile in this stone cold world is more important than being... well, stone cold. 
I hope you love yourself. Despite it all. 
You are worth more than they give you credit for.
You are worth more than you give yourself credit for. 

What would you say?

I would say "Thanks" for surviving every illness and doubt. For getting up after love that has been lost and getting lost in love. Thanks for being there for the ones who matter the most and thanks for trying to be there for the ones who matter the most. Thanks for enjoying the summer and loving the snow. Thanks for being brutally but lovably honest. Thanks for choosing finally the path that's worth time and soul, thanks for not changing. For not changing your jokes, beliefs and standards. For not changing yourself. But being more yourself, every single day.

Some day I'll write poems about this but first I must survive it.

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