Thursday, March 23, 2017

Growing seed

We sat on my bed. Two days in a row. Three people in a row.
They looked at me like I was magic. And I looked at them because they are my magic.

She said I need to be here a bit more. Told me there's light I haven't seen and new spring I haven't yet adored. People who will make me laugh and people who will mean so much I need to make them laugh. There are places I don't know I want to go, mornings so beautiful I don't know and nights full of looking out the window. She promised it will be worth a wait, a try, to live, to create. She said pause if you need to learn how to see - pause if you're confused, angry or looking answers in me. You will have victories you can't believe and for your own good - maybe some times you need to leave. She wished the softness in me would start to believe that the demons in me are not my to breed. I listened to her and suddenly understood I need to leave this all behind for good. She told I must have buried myself deep, winter came and I went to sleep. Now it's time to nourish the spring, see where I can grow and what kind of love I can bring. "Please, never go before the life circle needs. You are not gone. You are just a small, growing seed."

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