Thursday, July 20, 2017

Kissing coffee

My mouth is full of laughters and the taste of kissing icy cold coffee. 

I guess I can still see the sunsets and not be afraid of rising. I can still effortlessly move on and not be scared of forgetting the lessons. I might still fear of wasting my life but now at least I will do something to remember it. I can still have my love and life and soul... but still want to grow apart from my bad parts. I still wish to be caught, even if I'm pretending to run away. I can still be who I was, it just depends if I want it, what part of it, how much of it. I can still sometimes feel uncomfortable, uncertain and yet, still feel I will be someone's best thing. I guess I can still stand up, even when I thought I couldn't. 
I guess I can still blossom and not be afraid of losing love. 

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