Tuesday, December 26, 2017

127 beautiful marks

I want to be
Christmas lights
and the snow on their nose
and eat every colour 
on the colouring board,
to feel and not to pose.
I want my big eyes
to speak
about where I've been
and my enormous heart 
to show
the love I see. 
I can't help but wonder
why on earth I let myself
be hidden in the dark
when everything 
I've ever loved
has left so many beautiful marks. 
"It's not me, trust me" 
has made them 
so confused. 
But it's not me, trust me,
you haven't seen the 
real one fully...
it's making me confused too. 
Laugh and find the light
and the vulnerability in me.
I am much more
what meets the eye,
you... and I
soon can see. 

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