Friday, January 16, 2015

High on life

The world is full of nice people. If you can't find one, be one. 

Let me get this straight. I don't want small talk. I don't need your "Hello" or "How are you?" I just want you to start talking about what you believe in. Let your passion light up your eyes. Talk about how others make you feel. How you want to feel and how magical it is to travel. Tell me your thoughts when it's 1am and you don't know if it's alcohol or tiredness speaking. I want to know how your family spends holidays and how did your breakfast taste like. Let me be the one who you would call and sing your favourite lyrics. Tell me why you got so angry this morning when I wasn't around. Or when the line in food store was so long. Laugh. You don't need a reason. I will laugh with you. Laugh because your hiding something. Laugh because you feel comfortable. Laugh because you are high on life. Try to speak and laugh at the same time. Roll around and tell me your secrets. Whisper to me why are you so scared of moving on or why speaking of religions make you feel uncomfortable. Scream to the dishes if they are still in the sink after two days. And then tell me why we should go, take the first plane tickets and fly the hell out of here. Don't just say that you hate the weather here. Describe it. And then laugh because it's the stupidest thing to talk about. Teach me a new language. Quote me your favourite philosophers. Start rapping your guilty pleasure pop songs. Make stupid noises when you feel like you don't find the words to describe your week. Let me get to know you while you talk about you birthday when you were 10 or when you had your first bike accident. Mumble the words that you are afraid to say. Feel free to mumble while you talk about what you still haven't done but wish to do. Tell me your favourite number. And your lucky number. Text me while you are busy and need someone to tell how badly the elevator smells. Or text me when you can't fall asleep and need someone to tell why you hate bright yellow or love the new 1975 song. Tell me when you are sad and why. Or excited. Or feeling loved. Or when you are loving someone. 
Let me get this straight. I don't want small talk. I want to be high on life. And I wish you could be as high as me. 
Let me get this straight. We should smile and conquer Everest... not sit here and have a small talk.