Thursday, August 27, 2015


One day I'm going to look twice. If not even three times. I will be drowned when the first one happens. My mind will shut down and I will most probably stop breathing for a second or two. Or a lifetime. I'm going to glance a smile that I've always imagined to give. The "Hello!" The "You have a really good vibe with you and I wish I could know you." The "You deserve a good day because you look breathtaking." And ironically you will take my breath away. 
On that day I'm going to ride my bike for two seconds more. In those two seconds I will feel my heart grumble under pressure of "what now" and the pressure of "was that it?" Trust me, I will look again. Of course I will make sure I won't be hitting something with my bike, but I will take a second look. My only wish is to have a bit of your aura with my. Like a souvenir. The looking twice says it all. Is  t h a t  what Universe wants or not. Like on an unrealistic novel. I will be terrified of are you also looking back. If not, then I will survive. And I would carry you in my mind - how this all made my simple day sweeter. If yes, if you would also look twice, the time would stop... It's the magical moment of unknown, courageous heartbeats and wanting to know your name. Moment of wanting to stop and wanting this to be it. I wouldn't want to sabotage the beautiful moment that could become a beautiful memory.
And I will look away again. 

I will breathe deeper and my heart will start beating like it's not suppose to. 
And if I would take a third look. Then you should know I'm hooked. 

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