Saturday, April 11, 2015

Be fearless again

Do things just because. Just because you want to try, they make you happy, you've never done them before, you want to experience new things. Just because you live now and you are full of wonder. Full of discovering and seeing what is new and what might also suit your style. Just because you feel like it. Today you have the kind of mood you want to start painting, jogging, boxing, reading more, watching and observing films, taking up yoga, learn a new language. Today you have the kind of mood that you want to drop everything you know you can do and start doing something you're bad at. You are only bad at it if you never try.
Do things just because you fear them to do. Or you don't. Be bold and brave; and don't think about winning. Don't be greedy. You don't have to make it by their eyes. You just do what you want to do - as much as you want to.
They are no judges. Not them. Not you.

Don't let them make you cautious.
You can be different every day. Embrace it. Let them be stuck where they can't find anymore happiness. Your happiness and their happiness is not the same. Don't define yourself with others. Define yourself with you.

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