Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Human kindness is overflowing

Storm make trees take deeper roots. 

Weekend full of unknown. At the same time knowing too much.
Or caring too much and knowing too little.
Or thinking too much and getting answers too late.
Or getting answers just right and good ones, but not perfect ones.

Weekend full of missing, outbursting tears and anxiety.
Welcome to behind the curtains of a wonderful life.
Welcome to life where everything happens. And that everything happens for a reason.

Weekend full of realising the worth of life and the blessings.
Count them. Count them all and be grateful.
Don't let them take you your happiness, people and self.
Hold the ones you have. Hold them tightly. Carefully. With love. While being present.

If you can't help them. Pray for them.
In your way.
Not in religious way.
Your way. Send good thoughts.

And I think it's going to rain today... 

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