Saturday, October 10, 2015

"Koi No Yokan"

There's a Japanese word for that "we could fall in love" feeling you sometimes get when first meeting a person.
"Koi No Yokan" 

I guess we all get that feeling. The moment you pick somebody of the crowded street or cafe full of people. Locking your eyes onto a stranger have never felt so relaxing. Everything becomes quiet. Sometimes you forgot to look away and you just keep gazing them with strange hope and unknown connection. You literally can't hear. You're literally slowly drowning in to the ones eyes. You literally don't know what the other human is thinking. You stare. Because that's the only thing you actually can do.

But sometimes everything will start racing faster - your heart, the time, the vibes. You get anxious and want to prove yourself to some stranger, who might not even have the "koi no yokan" feeling. And I've discovered that I'm not looking for heart-racing-mind-blowing thing.
I'm looking for blissfulness mixed with passion and getting lost. Looking for the moment when I can't hear my friends talking to me. Blissfulness, when I don't even know if this is real or is the other person just a daydreaming fantasy.

I'm looking for everything to get quiet.
Looking for a whiskey in a teacup.

And whoever commented that I'm not salted caramel and I'm actually whiskey in a teacup. 
Well thank you. 
I was weirdly moved. 

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