Friday, October 16, 2015

Take the magical first step

I got so caught up... about wanting everything and wanting it "now."
Wanting to visit every country on my bucket list; taking up every hobby which sounds amazing; making everything, if not perfect, then good enough; wishing to get the approval now; needing my own approval now; wanting the other half and the same time hoping to be alone. Wanting everything quickly or not at all. I don't mean "wanting it easy" but wanting it fast and good enough so it could count. 
And then I got lost.
I got lost and found myself in a rush of living but not actually focusing and doing. Not actually being present with my physical, soul and mind.

So now I have decided to take a step back, look at myself and not realise where I took the wrong step... but what would be the next step on the right path. Can't undo what's done and I'm not getting any younger - so better now than when I'm 60 and think "I could have had the time..."

Taking one country, goal, breath and step at a time. One thing every day that makes me closer to my selected wishes. I know I could do everything, at the same time and make everything mediocrely good... But it tears me apart. Makes me feel like I'm doing everything half-assed.
So on thing at a time.

Let's start. Using the magic.

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