Thursday, October 15, 2015

Late night thoughts and morning words

Push "play"

I'm doing the things I have to do. And not the things I want to do.
Stop telling me it's a part of growing up.
We all know it's not.
It's the part of giving up. There's a grande difference. And I'm ignoring it.

I want to delete all. Erase all the heartbreaks, all doubts, all bruisers and all safeness. I look up to some of my friends who're always sticking onto what means them the most. Not taking any easy ways out(s), not wishing it would all just land on their laps. 
I admire him by sticking onto what matters the most. And not coming here, not starting a new life here but making the most over there. At least not coming here yet. He's making everything true - every movement has a soul, every word has a meaning. Making everything alive and living... even with some great struggle. 
I admire her for delating the accounts but not delating herself. Doing what matters to her and not what matters to others. Staying in if needed, going if wanted and being present. Even in doubt. Being in place. Breaking but not fading away. Her nature is so fragile, soft and lovable, but she still manages to be the biggest fighter I know. 

So cheers to "doing what you love." And cheers to "never stop doing that." 

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