Thursday, December 24, 2015

Season of gratefulness

It's the season of gratefulness.
And I am most grateful for those who make the best out of me. Without saying anything, without trying, without guiding. Those who inspire me to dance and write, who inspire me to quit whatever is not good for my soul and for those who just randomly swing into my life and decide to stay. Grateful for those who share hugs and maybe only quick "Hello"-s, but leaving me with so much - their energy, laughter, warmth, silliness and hope. The ones who decide to fight for their own creation and are always up spirit... even when things aren't going the way they naturally planned.
I am most grateful for those who have taught how not to be jealous and taught me that I simply need to do the things for myself... so I can help others. For those who move me when I need a push and for those who see me when I need a time for a break.
It's the season of gratefulness.
And even though it has been the year of hunger games, endless tears and honest fights... it has also been the most wonderful year full of connection and humour.
Connecting with people I never though I would connect this way.
Re-connecting, just-met-ting, out-growing.
Being so high. And the lowest I've ever experienced.
Luckily now there's only one way to climb back up. With laughter. With humour. With hope and revolution in me.
With heart full of gratefulness.

Year full of unlucky decisions... and extremely lucky accidents.

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