Monday, November 30, 2015

Chase whatever feels good

Whether it ends good or bad, it was an experience. 

It's important to give it all you have while you have the chance. 
Talent without work is nothing. Work without passion is nothing. Passion without life is nothing. 

Nobody tells you how it's going to work out, if it's going to work out and whether it's going be now or tomorrow or the next year. As long as you work with your passions and soul you are on the right track. When you feel like home then make the place as beautiful as you are. Sometimes you need to lock yourself in your room and dance or paint or sing your lungs out just to get some clarity. Work on what makes you happy and what feeds you more than food will ever do. Please do not care about how others are doing things... or do care but don't compare - it will kill your creativity, will put your soul into a cage and you will start hesitating your journey... But you can't compare a rabbit's and a turtle's speed - they are different as day and night and so are people. 

We are getting every year more and more caught up in our heads - education is important but it's more important to know why are you learning, what are you learning and what you can do with it or after it. We know so much but forgot so fast, we get so much but we don't last. So much education yet nobody has thought us how to love ourselves, how to live with your own passion and wilderness and why it's so important to love, overall. 

It's totally fine to take risks, it's totally fine to fail but it's not OK to give up because of "reasons." Reasons you say to yourself, reasons that other are barking about. As long as you enjoy waking up, smiling and life... you're doing an amazing job. It doesn't mean that every day is the high point of your life but it means that every day you know that you have the inner peace with you. 
Don't lose that. Don't lose your inner child. 

When life knocks you down, roll over and look at the stars. 
When the morning arrives, get up and work for the stars. And not for the commercial stars... but with your own thing. Dance, do math, get physically moving, enjoy scrabble, read, get your hands dirty in your yard, start a family with love... whatever means "stars" to you - is OK. It's your stars... not anybody else's. 
People are getting caught up between living and "finding your passion." But your life shouldn't be the stress about "your passion" and even worse "always looking for it"... do what ever suits you, what ever rows your boat. Even if you have to do the job you hate but you get the money you need to travel - do it. If traveling feeds you, then do it. Do whatever   y o u   need. 
Stars without passion is nothing. Passion without life is nothing. Life without living is nothing. 

Don't go back to less... just because you're impatient. 
Share the love you love. Look for inspiration but still, please, darling, go for it... do your thing. 

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