Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Your dreams are incredibly loud

*push play* 

I don't take my luck for granted. I don't know if I move them or not. I don't have the power of changing them or even making them think. All I can do is let the magic happen by doing what I feel is important, by listening and by being gentle with their souls.
I need to move myself first in the need of moving them. And when it comes to dancing...

Then of course I do it for me. To get out the shiver, to share the emotion and maybe a piece of my present.
But mainly for you. To maybe make you understand a bit that you are not on your own with the hesitations, insecurities and love. That I will try to lift you up by showing how to fly or I'll try to lift you up by going on the ground and taking the steps with you.
I move for everybody. Everybody who can see the other side of the picture.

Darling, it's about the decision. We always share our best bits online... but we never share the emotion. Have no worries, being heart broken, sad, disappointed and out of sync is totally OK, as far as you are willing to search the resolution and heal.

I know I have lost some great battles but I also know that now the progress begins. The last dots will be connected soon and I will be one. Whole. Complete.
Not to spoil the ending for you... but everything is going to be alright.

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