Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The beauty of Wednesday

My heart is going to gave in
to all the beauty and magic
to all the sorrow and lost
and it's just the beginning. 

I have no words.
No words to describe the luck, the mystery and the bliss. The dots have been connected and I've returned to where I belong. My head found a bridge to my heart and my heart found a highway to my body. It's the bubble of presence - breathing in the music, swallowing the laughter and touching everything that is full of love. Or what needs love.
To make broken so beautiful is a remarkable talent. To walk with flowers on shoulders, melodies in lungs and Universe by hand. To be careful with falling but still admiring the existence of love. To make the days count, not to count the days.

To make broken so beautiful... is a remarkable talent when you decide to fix the broken with beauty.
And a whole lot of laughter and joy.

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