Monday, November 9, 2015

"Don't fall in love in the moment..."

"... and think you are in love with the girl." 

He sat there, eyes locked to mine and we both knew what we were thinking. And in that brief moment everything came back to me. Every familiar move, conversation and comfortable vibe, every answered and missed phone call and every laughter. Or fight. Or anger.

"What if." My mind told - well actually screamed at me - thousands ideas in only few seconds. The air was so delicate and full of memories, maybe even some unfinished business and dishonesty. I wanted to burst out every little thought of mine - what he did, what I did, what is going on in my life and how apologising is not the answer. My head whispered to me that maybe... maybe this is faith... but suddenly everything got quiet. I doubted. My gut and heart took over my head and emotions... They were pretty sure that it's actually a moment of "goodbye" and finally letting go of the past.

I left and I was suddenly so caught up by the "what if-s." I was slowing down my pace, thinking if I should run back and give the moment one more look. Chance. Time.
But I didn't.
I guess this means I have grown.
And I will be ready if the right one is there in front of me, eyes locked to mine and then there's no time for "what if-s".

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