Monday, January 11, 2016

I look forward of meeting you

I'm left with the unknown and I like it. Maybe even more than I should.

He gives me something to write about, something so sudden and fresh. I feel like I landed 3 years back, I'm so new yet so full of excitement and comfort. My laughter follows me everywhere and my cheeks turn red way more often than they supposed to. 
He gives me something to listen about and I've always been (mediocrely) a good listener. The sound of it puts me to sleep, wakes me up, starts movements in me I wasn't sure were still there, gives me strength to be myself with myself. 
Though they say that good things take time, I say - maybe all my life I've been taken the time to land just where I am now. Maybe this is the good thing that took time. That took me through love and lost, far away lands and finding home, anxiety and happiness, sleepless nights and countless sunrises. Maybe it will take some more time. Or effort. Or even suffering. 
Or maybe it's just a phase. 
Either way it's a good thing, full of unknown, meaningful days and hope for more. 

I'm not asking questions and he's not answering. And I couldn't wish for more. 
Whatever comes next. I still look forward of meeting you. 

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