Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Stay curious after the "Hello!"

Sometimes it comes when you've finally stopped seeking it. It will come with the spontaneous "Hello" and the instant connection. And at that moment you realise that he is completely different of the person you thought he's going to be. Plus, completely different of the person you thought you would look twice to. Every little detail becomes vivid and you'll become to believe in luck again. It all will make you soft, soften your ground and your prejudices.
It happens, the same way as life happens. You are here in the exact moment, the exact time and place, and all you can do is put on a curious smile... because nothing is more exciting than meeting someone in the middle of chaos and realise that life is teaching you something again. You just don't know if it's a lesson or a blessing.
Don't stay invisible to good accidents and to yourself. You, literally, never know where the next step is taking you.

Be curious; what goes around, comes around.
Also your thoughts 4 months ago... and your dreams 10 years ago.
Stay curious.

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