Monday, January 25, 2016

Mellow Monday tunes

Hit play and enjoy an hour long playlist for your chill Monday. Or to make your Monday chill, if it's not chill enough. 

Here's the thing. Monday's are actually short. Weeks are short. One month or even a year will pass by really quickly. 
So you have an option... to listen to good music, drink good coffee and do good for you & others. 
The year will pass by too quickly and if you only think what you should do and should accomplish... 
If you do so, then I believe it will be a year of waisting your precious time. 
No matter where you are, be all in. Soon the day will be over and you don't want to waste it on analysing past and being freaked out about future. 

Put on good tunes and whatever you are doing (running, working, laying on the floor, cooking, loving, studying) do it with all your heart and attention. Relax with attention. 

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