Sunday, January 17, 2016

My own kind of mountains

They help me see things in perspective. They take me on trips before I physically even move. They make my grumpiness into something sweet and true. They laugh when I need it the most and nod when they understand it's time to be quiet. They are brutally honest, sometimes scary-honest... but always honest because of respect and care. They surprise me every time with their empathy to say the exact things on the right moments. They make my hair messy and my feet dirty, and give me little adventures every day. They ride bikes with me. They let me lift them up and accept my need of spreading human kindness. They will fight with me when I need to get back to myself. They inject curiosity to my veins and give me a head start - so I could run wild, discover what I don't know yet and be surprised by every little new fact life gives me. What they give me.
They make me feel like I don't know anything. In a good way. They are the better extra half of me, not my other half. Because I'm whole and they are too. We are just cherries on top of our favourite ice creams.

They are my mountains I've always dreamt to go.
Instead of being thousands of kilometres away... they are here.
They are my mountains.

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