Monday, January 4, 2016

Thoughts about 2015 vol 2

2015 was the year of intensive growth.

I'm not at all the person I was year ago. Or even half a year ago. Or even 2 months ago.
And for the first time I can see the progress.
Were being lost began and finding myself ended.
What a rebel. Why? Because in society book I turned 180 and with true confidence.
I got out of love and into again,  I grew in love and out again. I grew with stubbornness and aiming for stupid perfection. I grew with learning how to heal and starting to heal. I grew with accepting myself.

I learned what I would do to love. What I would do for love and with love.
And all the time I was looking for others to love... where the truth was I needed to love myself.

When people asked me: What do you love? I always said: "Dancing, singing, he or she or family, to travel, to wander, to read..." But never "myself."
And I guess for 2016 it's the goal... to proudly say: "I love myself." Because we say that way too little.

It was what it was. And in the end of the day... it's the end on the day.
I'm still proud. Of learning. Or growing. Of being able to send the day to an end.

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