Tuesday, February 16, 2016

He saw the flowers in my hair vol2

Few, very rare ones, make me like myself. They just don't introduce me something new - new music, new jokes, new sunrises... they make me love all the vibes I already have. Those very rare ones make me see how important sunsets are, how important it is to do what I like and how I am enough. They don't make me want to reach for perfection, they encourage my imperfection. Rare ones celebrate my living not my concours, applause for joy not just for the win and hold my hand even when they are miles and miles and miles away.
I feel more alive, and to say powerful, when I know they are breathing next to me. If not physically then at least mentally. They have the power to stop the time and start kindness. Yet they all have their own kind of kindness - some are hard to see, some are overflowing, some are somewhere hidden but I know it's there.
Few, very rare ones, have kindness in their hearts like no-one else. I'm not occurring that they are perfect... but they are kindly themselves - and this is what I value the most.

Have the peaceful ones new you, so they can remind you what living is really for and what are you here really for.
Make 'peace making' a part of your day.

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