Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Ollerup vibes

Walking around in Ollerup feels like walking back to myself. It's just me, somewhere in Fyn Island, don't know where I'm heading (even though at that point I was heading to the store to buy liquorice chewing gum), and definitely not quite sure where I want to land yet. 
I guess I left my heart somewhere between wandering, taking chances and enjoying conversations in multi-languages. Walking around here doesn't mean I'm looking for a closer, I think at this moment it means giving myself a second chance. I've been settling down for so long and actually in me, there's still the wild one who's protesting against it. I don't want to settle. Not with less. Not now. Not tomorrow. Not with the next one. Not because they tell me so. Not because they want to. 
Universe planted my seed but it wasn't my decision. Luckily we all have legs, so walking out from the garden where we were planted is possible. No, not just possible. For some it's necessary - a wonderful opportunity. 

I'm on the right track with me. I need and I keep surprising myself with decisions I thought I was too sleepy and tired for. Yeah, I guess I need to hold on to curiosity towards everything I care about. 
Not to show anybody what I'm interested in... but to show myself the things I'm interested in. 
Not to wait to fall in love, but to rise with love. 
To be brave. And surprise myself with bravery. 

Taking some time off and enjoying the moments. That's what I'm alive for.
To enjoy inner smiles, outburst of laughter and some Danish wind.

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