Saturday, February 6, 2016

Once there was a home

I realised that I belong where my heart feels like home. By the way... everybody does. It doesn't mean that it's always the same place. Home can change time to time, home can come back to you and you can go back to home. As long as I am searching for the tingle in my stomach and as long as I accept the feeling when I get there... it's all good. 
Home can change its face, its attitude and can transform itself into different forms. It can be a place, it can be a person and it, most definitely, just can be a vibe. An energy that comes from nowhere but lands on somewhere. The place that once felt like home might become strange to me. But it's necessary to understand that when the time goes by... it might be my friend again, comfort, place and peace. It deserves a second chance and look. 

Home can scare the crap out of me. 
I'm ashamed to say it. 
Because at the same time it can give me the warmest hug and I never want to leave again. 
The second I walked in those doors I realised that it's still a home for me. If not a home... then definitely a special place where laughter, tears, hard work, laziness and great people came together. 

Song that heals anxiety. Calms my heart of missing a person and finds the person within. Says it's OK to go back and see what else you can learn. Says it's OK to miss the past. Says it's OK... now, tomorrow and even the day after that. Says it's OK to say "Hello" to your old home. 

More to come. And more to hope.
It's wonderful to think that maybe the best days in our lives haven't even visited us yet.
It's wonderful to think that maybe the home is now with me... in me.
Maybe I am my own home. 

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